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El Universo del Bronce en el ARQUA de Cartagena

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It is safe to say that Arqueología y Didactica´s second visit to the National Underwater Archaeology Museum was a rewarding experience. Last October, 19th we had the opportunity to present one of our dissemination workshops, named The Bronce Universe. Our aim is always to produce high quality activities, brought to life through in-depth research and caring design, so they can be enjoyed by a wider range of audiences just by adapting our speech to the public.

We conducted two activities. The evening session consisted of kids around 12, which is our most common audience (we move around schools). The morning session came out to be a nice surprise, since we had the chance to meet a very diverse group of people who were paying a visit to the museum. Some of them were museum personnel, teachers, artists,…it is always a learning experience for us to test our work against audiencies with different backgrounds.

We hope you had as great time as we did. We would love to smelt your regional bronze age artifacts!